Fallout 4 - GOTY

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Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
Fallout 4 - GOTY
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Fallout 4 - GOTY is delivered digitally to your email address immediately after purchase, which means you can download and activate the product right away.

Activating and downloading Fallout 4 - GOTY Is done with Steam.

How to activate on Steam?

Activating games on Steam


Key Activation

1. Go to: http://store.steampowered.com/.

Click "Install Steam" (To download the application.)

Download Steam (PC/MAC/Linux)
2. Create a new Steam user in the application.

Install and launch the application. Log in with your username and password.

(If you do not have a user yet you can create it on the application).

3. Redeem your purchased Code

På den øverste menyen klikk på "Games > Activate a Product on Steam."

Then follow the onscreen instructions to activate the game code you received from us.

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