Purchase Terms

1. General terms and conditions

These terms apply to all purchases and agreements you make at Bargaingames.co.uk. By ordering items on this site, you agree to the terms below.

The Agreement is valid for as long as your order is under control or completed.

All prices on Bargaingames.co.uk are quoted in British pounds.

An administration fee based on the purchase price is added and specified at checkout.

All game codes you receive via Bargaingames.co.uk are unique and unused.

1.1 Reservation of content

Bargaingames.co.uk reserves the right to end a sale if the item is removed from the assortment. We cannot guarantee that all images and descriptions reflect the true appearance of the product.

We also reserve for any typos on this website.

Bargaingames.co.uk reserves the right to adjust prices and any pricing errors.

2. Payment Terms

Payment on game trading. No   can be made via card payment (Visa or Mastercard) or through PayPal.

Are you under 18 years of age you can only trade if you have your own bank card (debit cards) that can be used for it.

All license codes sold by Bargaingames.co.uk can be used in Norway and Europe.

2.1 products on offer

We reserve the right to keep your payment until 7 days on Eventulle final sale. This is because the manufacturer may provide incorrect stock noting on the product you are trading from us. An email will be sent to you if this occurs.

We are working to correct any errors within 7 days or will return the payment in full refund.

2.2 Card Payment-easy and safe

We offer our customers to direct payment by credit card. An administration fee based on the purchase price will be added and specified at checkout. We reserve the right to refuse the purchase if we believe the card is invalid or if the purchase price is not available for debit.

Once you have chosen to pay your purchase by card payment, we will deduct the amount from your account via a secure payment terminal.

We only accept purchases with Visa and Mastercard.

2.3 Paypal

We offer our customers to directly pay online via PayPal. You can choose to use your PayPal balance or credit/debit card. We reserve the right to refuse the purchase if the card/account is invalid or if the purchase price is not available for debit.

3. Delivery terms

3.1 Order Confirmation

Once we have received your order, a booking confirmation will be sent to your email shortly. There is information about your order.

Always check your confirmation and contact customer service immediately if something is unclear.

If you wish to amend an order afterwards, please contact customer service with your question and we will help you!

When changing orders that have already been shipped apply special conditions.

3.2 Delivery Time

Expected delivery time may vary from product to product. Unless otherwise specified, delivery time is usually 1 hour from order. Products pre-ordered are delivered as soon as we receive the item in stock from the supplier. This usually happens on launch day. If not, the product will be delivered as soon as possible.

3.3 Delivery Delay

Although we do our utmost to deliver what is ordered at the promised time, it may be wrong. If the delivery is delayed from the promised, please contact us immediately so we can investigate why delivery delays. If you wish to cancel a delayed product, please contact customer service. Bargaingames.co.uk assumes no responsibility for damages arising out of the expiration of a reported delivery date. We will contact you if delivery is delayed and keep you informed along the way.

3.4 Delivery

All delivery of digital game codes will be made free of charge to the email address you provided at checkout. Always check that you have entered the correct email address before confirming your order. Game codes delivered to an incorrect email address will not be replaced.

4. Return and 30 day open purchase

Pursuant to no revocation right for the purchase of digital game codes and downloading of products, as it is a product that due to its nature cannot be returned. We guarantee that all game codes you purchase at Bargaingames.co.uk are genuine and approved.

In cases where we are unable to deliver your order due to errors, we will refund the amount that could not be delivered. No refunds are issued due to a technical error in the game, and the game does not meet your expectations or the system requirements were not met. In addition, a refund will not be paid if the manufacturer decides to change the language or regional restrictions. Game trading cannot be held liable for any changes or events made in the game or on the game service after the purchase was completed. Always go to http://systemrequirementslab.com/cyri before buying a game to make sure your computer is able to run the game.

4.1 Warranty-100% working, real game Codes

We guarantee that game codes you buy at Bargaingames.co.uk are real and working. Should you receive a non-functional game code, we will replace it at no additional cost, provided you can prove that the specific game code is not activated. Non-functional game codes are usually replaced within 2-6 days of notification. Contact Customer service for further instructions.

4.2 Refund

Refunds for a product are refunded to the customer's account within 30 days.

5. Integrity and Privacy

We do not collect personal information about you when you visit this website. The information in the cashier will be stored in our database to manage your order. No information about you will be sent to third parties.

5.1 Email Policy

When you purchase something from Bargaingames.co.uk, you agree to receive emails and newsletters from us. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

6. Company Data


E-post: info@bargaingames.co.uk

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Our company register is 921-313-683.